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Acrylic Fabrication

From aquaria to submarine windows to engineered acrylic components, Makevale’s acrylic casting resins are used in a diverse range of applications requiring the finest tolerances and resistance to the harshest conditions.

Our acrylic casting resin has exceptional optical clarity, transparency, colourability, impact and UV stability, as well as minimal shrinkage. Its chemical resistance, toughness and ability to resist breakage and scratching means it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and can be engineered for extra toughness or fire retarding properties.

Acrylic fabrication companies employ widely different additives, casting and curing processes, so require the casting acrylic  to work effectively with their production process as well as to deliver their required product characteristics. This includes pouring and setting times that suit their needs.

Makevale works with its customers to provide the optimum casting acrylic through varying particle sizes and molecular weights of the polymer beads, and through selecting the appropriate reagents and washing and sieving processes.

In some cases we are able to invent a new chemistry to overcome a customer’s challenges. An architectural company routinely cast 20 tonne acrylic sheets and annealed them at high temperatures. The high temperature caused a reduction in clarity through a yellowing of the cast acrylic, so their requirement was for a consistently clearer cast product.

By working with them on their additives and processing, we altered our chemistry to perform with a much lower residual content of reaction initiator. This required development of new chemistry, thus achieving a consistent acrylic fabrication post annealing that provided the customer with super high-definition casts for the first time, opening up new commercial opportunities for them.

Please contact our business development team if you’d like to know more about our acrylic casting resin and to receive detailed specification sheets and instructions. Our wide range should have products to match your requirements. We have a proven track record in producing acrylics with unique properties, so if you’d like to optimise a new acrylic casting resin our R&D team would love to hear from you.