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Clear Casting Resin

Makevale’s clear casting resin is used in a variety of formulations to enable the production of items as varied as an engineered acrylic fabrication and acrylic products like awards, memorabilia, souvenirs and gifts.

Our clear casting resin has the highest optical clarity currently available worldwide. It also possesses high colourability, impact resistance and UV stability, as well as minimal shrinkage. Its chemical resistance, toughness and ability to resist breakage and scratching means it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and can be engineered for extra toughness or fire retarding properties.

Our materials can be found in some of the world’s landmark construction projects and installations

Please contact our business development team if you’d like to know more about our clear casting resin and to receive detailed specification sheets and instructions. Our wide range of acrylic casting resins should have products to match your requirements, but we also have a proven track record in developing custom acrylics with unique properties, so if you’d like to develop new acrylic products our R&D team would love to hear from you.