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High Impact Acrylic Dentures

Makevale’s materials for high impact acrylic dentures are high quality and exceptionally strong.

Our high impact acrylic dentures are so strong they are clinically unbreakable. The unique formulation of encapsulated nano-sized molecules allows our high impact denture base to absorb large impacts while possessing exceptional flexural strength. Makevale’s ability to finely control its manufacturing processes also eliminates porosity.

Our materials for high impact acrylic dentures are user friendly and safe, conforming to all known European and US regulations.

A client was using a high impact material from another manufacturer with good handling characteristics. However, it suffered from long term degradation causing colour instability (yellowing) and the loss of its high impact resistance. We developed for them a high impact polymer with excellent colour stability, which did not suffer from degradation, whilst at the same time retaining optimum handling characteristics.

Many of our materials for high impact acrylic dentures are developed for dental companies to incorporate into their product ranges. In North America we also market Ultra-Hi Heat Cure Dental Base and Hi-Impact Pourable Dental Base to distributors and end users through our subsidiary St. George Technology.

The Hi-Impact Pourable Dental Base is the world’s first pourable material to meet the requirements of the ISO Standard for Fracture Toughness and Fracture of Work. It allows dental labs to achieve higher quality and higher productivity without sacrificing the cost and convenience of pourable resins, or compromising the strength achieved with heat cure resins.

Please contact our business development team if you would like to know more about our materials for high impact acrylic dentures or to request detailed specification sheets and instructions.