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Dental Liquids

Makevale’s dental range includes dental acrylic monomers, which can be bought in bulk quantities or sold as dental acrylic powder and liquid products.

Due to Makevale’s reputation as a world leader in the production of dental acrylic products, a number of companies outsource the production of flammable dental monomer to us. Each Makevale site has a dedicated dental liquid manufacturing zone that produces consistently high quality products as well as creating custom dental monomer products.

Makevale has a flexible blending arrangement which allows us to create new dental liquid products. Our core dental liquid solutions include:

A customer based in Europe required their dental liquid to have a specific ingredient removed for regulatory reasons while retaining the same excellent handling characteristics. Extensive research eventually led to a new formulation utilising an acceptable substitute ingredient. Extensive tests demonstrated that the performance of the new formulation was equal to that of the original dental liquid.

Many of our dental liquids are developed for dental companies to incorporate into their product ranges. In North America we also market dental liquids for each of our Excel Formula™ Range of Dental Acrylics to distributors and end users through our subsidiary St. George Technology.

Contact our business development team to find out more about our range of dental liquids. We can provide detailed specification sheets and instructions on request. If you’re interested in creating a new dental acrylic monomer, please contact our R&D team.