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Maxillofacial Acrylics

Makevale creates bespoke polymers which our clients use to produce maxillofacial materials. We work closely with our clients to produce products to their exact specifications.

Our bulk products are developed for use in surgery, with not only the necessary mechanical properties but also the versatility required by the surgeon.

Our experience in producing acrylics has allowed us to transfer our technology to produce materials suitable for artificial acrylic nails, hearing aids and even artificial eyes.

Please contact our business development team if you are interested in finding out more about maxillofacial acrylics. Our wide range of acrylics should match your requirements. However, with a proven track record of producing acrylics with unique properties, our R&D team is always interested in developing new acrylics suitable for maxillofacial applications and looks forward to hearing your ideas.