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PMMA Bone Cement

Makevale is a key producer and supplier of poly methyl methacrylate, a key ingredient in acrylic bone cement. Our material is used by many of the world’s prominent PMMA bone cement manufacturers.

PMMA bone cement has little intrinsic adhesive properties, but relies on close mechanical interlock between the irregular bone surface and the prosthesis. Consequently the long term chemical and physical characteristics are very important. But also, crucial to the success of both surgeon and procedure, are the polymer’s handling characteristics during mixing, working and curing.

Various additives such as antibiotics, radio opaque agents, initiators and accelerators have an effect on the handling and mechanical properties of PMMA bone cement. Makevale’s researchers, in close collaboration with bone cement companies, have formulated polymers with the precise characteristics that are required. Our ability to exercise tight control over molecular weight, residual monomer, moisture content and particle size allows us to modify handling characteristics like flow time and performance (for example, fatigue resistance).

Our advanced manufacturing technology can match this specification time after time. Several bone cement manufacturers have tried and failed to reproduce their particular polymer chemistry and have turned to us for reliable supply from our FDA compliant manufacturing sites.

Makevale also heavily researches new biotech initiatives, based around stimulated growth of the bone/ osseous tissue providing improved fixtures for the patient. We strongly believe our novel nanocomposite technology will provide improved outcomes for patients, through better material design. We continually assist our bone cement clients with regulatory approvals for these new class of biotechnology products.

An example of our close research collaboration with bone cement manufacturers involved one request for a fast setting bone cement for a particular new region the customer was interested in. After 6 months of iterative polymer formulation and testing, we arrived at the required poly methyl methacrylate bone cement formulation which was submitted for regulatory approval.

Please contact our business development team if you are interested in polymers suitable for producing PMMA bone cement. We have a wide range of suitable acrylics and a proven track record in producing new acrylics with unique properties. If you would like to develop a new acrylic suitable for poly methyl methacrylate bone cement, our R&D team will be interested to hear from you.