Global manufacturers of high performance polyymers



Diverse Applications From Flexible Process

Makevale’s polymers are based around PMMA, PEMA, PBMA and polystyrene. Of these PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is the major component for our wide range of acrylic applications. We produce PMMA by polymerizing methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer in a suspension polymerisation process. The acrylic beads that result resemble a powder but have very defined physical characteristics.

This very flexible process allows us to be acrylic manufacturers for a diverse range of applications. Consistent quality ensures that our products meet the most demanding customer and application requirements, batch after batch.

Tight Process Control Achieves Consistent Performance

The polymerization takes place between tiny droplets of MMA suspended in a solution of water and catalyst. Because we are able to tightly control the reaction, the resulting beads can have a defined and narrow molecular weight and a unique size and shape. As a result of changing these parameters, we can greatly change the way the polymer performs in different applications.

Our control of temperature is especially critical, consequently we have developed specialist equipment which provides a very fine process temperature control.

We achieve further performance modifications through selecting the appropriate reagents and washing and sieving processes. Finally, we routinely undertake laboratory analysis of samples of finished  materials to confirm physical, optical, and chemical properties.

Proven Reduction of Supply Chain Risks

As a global acrylic supplier into a complex supply chain, we can reduce downstream production risks through exercising tight technical specifications. Our advanced manufacturing technology can match this specification time after time. Several manufacturers have tried and failed to reproduce our chemistry, technology and process. Consequently they now rely on us to be their acrylic supplier from our multiple global manufacturing sites.

Watch our video for a simple explanation of how our flexible manufacturing platform can supply what you need when you need it.