Global manufacturers of high performance polyymers

Group Profile

Makevale Group is headquartered near London, UK. We have two manufacturing sites in the UK, one in Asia and distribution centres in the USA and China. Our global reach allows us to export to more than 100 countries all over the world. Our distribution centres also source and supply a range of specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries.

We produce high performance polymers for use in a number of niche areas:

  1. Dental products
  2. Biomaterials and Cosmetics
  3. Interleavant Glass Transportation
  4. Investment Casting Waxes
  5. Rheology Modifiers
  6. Anti-skid Road Coatings
  7. Embedment Castings
  8. Acrylic Fabrications
  9. Polymer Nanocomposites

Makevale also offers:

  • Expert advice on high performance polymers and their applications in various fields
  • Monomer blending
  • Polymer blending and pigmentation
  • Product contract packaging
  • ISO standardisation and testing facilities